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12 Unusual Packbands Uses and Lifehacks

“Hey, I could use a Packband for that!” This is a line we frequently hear from many of our customers. They might have originally purchased Packbands for a specific use: cord and cable management at work or in their garages, as a travel accessory, attaching a water bottle or jacket to their backpack or holding a yoga mat.

Here are some of our favorite Packbands unusual uses and life hacks:

But then we heard more stories…how Packbands can come in really handy for lots of other uses.

The Dog Ate My Spin Shoes

So, you’ve got a favorite pair of cycling shoes, and they were expensive…what do you do when your pup chews the buckle off? You secure it with a Packband, of course!

What time is it?

Time for a new watch band! Your favorite watch band breaks when you’re halfway around the world. No problem, Packbands to the rescue!

Packbands can be a watchband replacement


The Basket Case

You’re biking to the beach and the Velcro strap holding your basket to the bike (which is also holding your beach towel, sunblock and a book), picks this moment to break. But you were thinking ahead and had an extra Packband at the ready. Good thing Packbands are virtually unbreakable!

I’ll Drink to That!

Don’t get me wrong, I do like environmentally friendly straws because they do so much to help the planet… but they can be rather high-maintenance when it comes to keeping them clean. The solution is easy…just wrap a Packband around the straws and put them in the dishwasher. The flexible silicone Packbands are heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe. If you don’t own any already, you should really consider buying some reusable boba straws if you’re concerned about plastic’s effect on the environment and the things that live in it.

Too Hot to Handle

One of our customers, a dentist, wraps the heat-resistant Packbands around his dentistry tools and plunges them into the high heat of his autoclave to sanitize them. He told us the reusable Packbands were still fine after hundreds of uses.


Photographer and videographer, Taylor O’Sullivan, on a trip to the Bahamas, shimmied to the top of a sailboat mast and used a Packband to secure her 360-degree camera to the mast. Nice shot!

Camera secured to a sailboat mast using a Packband adjustable silicone strap


Rock ‘n’ Roll

Ever watch a musical act set up and break down for a performance? There are hundreds of feet of cables and cords to deal with. Packbands make managing all of those cords and cables muuuuch easier., as does using something to put them all together. Speedtech International offers heavy duty vecro cinch straps than can be customized, and you could use these alongside your Packbands to have them sorted into groups for audio, visual, power supply, etc. Colour coordinating your cables is another way in which you can make these processes easier, which can be done with the help of printed cables.

Going Places

On a recent trek up Kilimanjaro, Packbands served double-duty: hold rolled clothing in the luggage on the plane and on the trail? Packbands keep hiking poles, a hat and extra clothing secured to the backpack and within easy reach.

Fashion Accessory

Several customers have shared pictures of a Packband worn as a bracelet, a necklace or an impromptu hairband. Looking good!

Keep Out!

One customer has raccoons and possums that get into the trashcans. The solution? Join two Packbands together (for a longer strap), attach one end to the top’s hinge, and hook the other around a Command hook adhered to the front of the can.

Packband silicone strap and Command hook keeping lid on trashcan to keep animals out.


Safety First

In an SUV or car with a large cargo area, it’s easy for items to shift. A couple of Packbands hooked through metal latch points or grommets in the back can be attached to the item. One new mom uses a couple of Packbands to secure her baby’s stroller in the back of her SUV. Others have used Packbands to keep grocery bags or shopping bags from dumping over.

Gone Fishin’

When a bike is your mode of transportation, and you need to haul your gear, think Packbands. One customer bought Packbands so his son could attach items to a rear rack (and Packbands won’t scratch like a bungee cord). His son even attached his 2-piece fishing pole to the bike’s top tube. Others use Packbands to keep items from “bouncing” out of their bike basket.

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Packbanders are nothing if not creative! Have you found any ingenious uses for Packbands? We’d love to hear from you. If you’ve got questions about Packbands, please contact Packbands.

Entrepreneur Packbands

New Year, New Gig: Packbands

Packbands Bundle Package

As 2018 launches, so does Packbands, a new company and new product that my son, Pete Evenson, and I have co-founded (and co-created).


Those who know me, follow me, have worked with me or read my content are probably aware that I’ve always liked having a few irons in the fire. Being an entrepreneur for years (having started, marketed and sold several companies), and branding and marketing many small businesses, there’s always a curiosity about what’s next.


Packbands is what’s next. Packbands are stretchy, adjustable straps used to manage cables and cords, contain rolled clothing for travel, attach items to a backpack, purse or stroller, secure fitness and outdoor equipment…we think the list (at least at this point), is endless. And we hope, through our sales and marketing efforts, Packbands will become indispensable for many!

Tangled extension cord side by side with cord managed with Packband


The process of coming up with an idea and then actually executing (the hard part), has been going on for about a year. It has been challenging, instructive and overall, extremely satisfying. From a personal standpoint, the fact that Packbands is a family business is the best part. If you’d like to read more about the concept to development to manufacturing process, please read the post: Packbands: From Idea to Reality. 


Our first shipment of Packbands (one packaged bundle includes three bands: 9″, 12″ and 15″) has just arrived. You can find out more about the product by visiting our website. Want to see how Packbands work? Please visit our Instagram and Facebook pages.


Think you’d like to try out Packbands? Sign up on our website and receive a discount offer via email.


Pete and I are excited about this new venture – we’d love to hear your feedback, ideas or questions. Have any connections you think we should speak with? Please be in touch!

Small Business Marketing

The Law of Marketing Attraction: How to Expand Your Business

Martha Spelman Magnet Law of Marketing Attraction


by Martha Spelman, Branding & Marketing Expert


Every business owner understands the necessity of marketing their business: letting potential customers know you exist, what product or services you currently offer, the benefits of purchasing your offerings or hiring you directly and, of course, how to contact you.


But what if you want to change or expand your business? Offer new products or services that, while different, are still potentially relevant to your audience?


In other words, how can you reinvent yourself or your business?


Business Reinvention and The Law of Marketing Attraction:


It all comes down to convincing your potential customer that you are the “go-to expert” for what they want and need.


Because there’s a Law of Marketing Attraction: What You Put Out There Is What You Get In. If you continue to promote “the usual,” that’s what kind of work you’ll get.


Expanding your business requires developing a new product, service or “angle” for your business and then making sure you can provide that offering in a quality manner and at a cost that is profitable to you.


The next step in the Law of Marketing Attraction is Putting Out There What You Want To Get In:


  • Promote the new offering on your website


  • Mention the offering on your business card, on social media, in any collateral materials and in your email signature



  • Publish that custom content on your website, on your social media platforms, on LinkedIn Pulse, in industry publications and spread the word through email marketing


  • Arrange speaking engagements at which you can talk about your offering (and how it can help the audience)



  • Curate and publish content from outside sources that speak to the expertise you’re touting


  • Back up your reputation with case studies, testimonials and recommendations


  • You ask: But what if I don’t have enough experience with my new service or product yet? Let existing clients (who are a potential audience for your new offering) that you now do______ or provide ______. Execute projects on spec — for little or no charge — to gain experience.


  • If applicable, volunteer your new services or product


  • Be willing to “pivot” if necessary — adjust your offering depending on responses to your new service or product


  • Be sure to solicit reviews, testimonials and recommendations from customers who’ve tried the new offering (and include these in your promotion)


One caveat: your new product or service should appeal to your existing audience and not be something too different from what you are currently offering. If that’s the case, you may want to consider it a new business and operate and marketing separately from what you are currently doing. By working both companies simultaneously, you can, at some point, transition to the new business.

Let’s talk about how your company can implement the Law of Marketing Attraction. Get a FREE! 1/2 Hour Marketing Evaluation: Email Martha or call 310.266.6992


Martha Spelman is a Los Angeles-based small business branding, marketing and strategy expert. Using traditional and online marketing methods to start, grow and promote businesses, she consults with and coaches entrepreneurs, Professional Services and B2B companies. Let’s chat!


Attention Entrepreneurs: What’s the Best Part of a New Business?


Martha Spelman Entrepreneurs Lightbulb Idea


by Martha Spelman, Branding & Marketing Expert


Is it the fame? The fortune? The sense of accomplishment? Possibly…


But most likely, entrepreneurs would answer, “The Idea.”


What’s the worst part of a new business? Slogging through all of the stuff to make that idea happen.


The “stuff” frequently isn’t fun and unlike the idea, it brings little glory. But it’s the “stuff” that ultimately turns an idea into a reality.


So if you don’t like:


  • Market Research
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Asking for Money
  • Rejection
  • Working long hours
  • Living on a shoestring
  • Maxing out your credit cards
  • Asking for favors
  • Risk
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Adversity


and of course, there’s probably some stress in the mix…


…then you might not be cut out to be an entrepreneur. On the other hand, if you relish a challenge (or hundreds of them), entrepreneurship could be perfect for you.


>>>More on this topic: Mind Your Own Business: 17 Tips for Entrepreneurs<<<


If you like the thrill of victory and look at defeat as a learning opportunity, you should start your own business, build your own product, turn your idea into reality.


Start it, work it, own it.


It’s the only way you’ll see your IDEA become your BUSINESS.


Let’s talk about your company’s marketing. Get a FREE! 1/2 Hour Marketing Evaluation: Email Martha or call 310.266.6992


Martha Spelman is a Los Angeles-based small business branding, marketing and strategy expert. Using traditional and online marketing methods to start, grow and promote businesses, she works with entrepreneurs, Professional Services and B2B companies. Let’s chat!