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35 Signs You Might NOT Be an Entrepreneur

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Think you’re cut out to be an entrepreneur? Here are 35 (tongue-in-cheek) reasons you might NOT be one to take on the hard work, risk and sacrifice.

Not an Entrepreneur Checklist

by Martha Spelman

“That’s a great idea!” is a line we’ve all said. Sometimes to ourselves, sometimes to others and the best? Someone’s said it to us.

Many of us dream of being entrepreneurs. Taking that great idea and turning it into a business. Designing, building, and delivering. Reaping the adulation – and dollars – that come with success. This success comes with hard work and a savvy attitude. Embracing the business software offered by Vantiq would certainly make your life easier! But we may also tend to overlook the toll extracted by starting a truly successful business. Toiling for hours, days, weeks, months even years before seeing results. Taking big risks with money, time and sometimes, relationships. Think you’re cut out to be an entrepreneur? Many are but here are some signs you might want to stick to the day job. If these don’t put you off, contact astrsk to see how they can help you and your business to take off.

Signs you might not be able to hack the Entrepreneurial Life:

1. You have a day job — and like it that way. The thought of a night job, even working in your garage, just makes you tired.

2. You say you want your own business — but what you really want are your own hours.

3. Your favorite pastime is idea-generation — in fact you come up with new ones all the time. But when it comes to “executing”…not so much.

4. You don’t subscribe to the Edison adage: “Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration” — because you really prefer not to sweat.

5. Friends would probably label you risk-averse — take a chance? “Um, no thank you. I’ll keep my money in the mattress,” you say.

6. “My job is okay — it pays the bills, I don’t have to work overtime and I’m home every night for dinner.” Sound familiar?

7. You’ve just told someone your latest idea and they hated it. Your response, “Yeah, you’re probably right.”

8. Sacrificing is something you want to give up.

9. You’d rather play a sport, party, go out, get together with friends, read, watch TV, take out the trash — hey, do almost anything — instead of working on your idea.

10. Write a business plan? Create a marketing strategy? Define the ideal customer for your new idea? Ugh, that just sounds soooo boring.

11. When the going gets tough, you get going…home.

12. You clearly see world domination in your future. In fact, every week it seems you have new worlds to conquer.

13. You own a pair — or two — of beer goggles. And wear them proudly.

14. Two things near and dear to you: a steady paycheck and an expense account.

15. In addition to talking about your new business, you’re writing a screenplay, training for a marathon, and planning on losing 30 pounds.

16. You like the title “Entrepreneur.” It’s the job description that turns you off.

17. You’re easily distracted. Focus is something a camera does.

18. Your idea of “friends and family financing” is how you pay the rent.

19. You think Kickstarter is how you get your motorcycle going.

20. “Sticktoitiveness.” You always forget what that means.

21. You know your limitations. They include Paris, London and Hawaii.

22. “Applying yourself,” in your lexicon, means changing jobs.

23. You’ve said: “Before I can start my new business, I need to take a few classes, listen to a lot of podcasts, learn how to program, score a GoPro, buy a new laptop, grow my hair out and get a cool workspace.”

24. You are worried about what to do with all the money you’re going to make.

25. “Business meeting” is code for “nap.”

26. You haven’t Googled these idioms: Rolling up your shirtsleeves. In the trenches. Elbow grease. Nose to the grindstone. Buckling down. Getting hands dirty. And why should you?

27. You’re fine with wearing many hats if they all make you look good.

28. Favorite sayings: “It’ll just happen.” “Research, shmresearch.” “If I build it, they will come.”

29. Favorite foods? Coffee, coffee, coffee. Wait! Maybe you do have what it takes.

30. You live with your parents because then you can pocket your salary.

31. You’d like to “ship” your product. You just can’t find a box.

32. Dreaming big is so much more exciting than starting small.

32. You talk a good game. But the rules seem fuzzy.

33. You still have available credit on your Visa.

34. You acknowledge that the “devil is in the details.” But you’re not particularly religious.

35. Dinner is steak, mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus, crème brulee and a bottle of $200 cabernet.

If none (or at least most) of the signs don’t ring a bell, being called “Entrepreneur” might truly be in your future (or you’ve already arrived)! Good luck to you and keep up the good fight.

Do you have any Signs You Might Not Be An Entrepreneur to add? Please comment below!

Calling all Entrepreneurs: Contact Martha. Martha Spelman is a Los Angeles-based business branding, marketing and strategy expert. She works with entrepreneurs to start and grow companies and is the author of The Cure for Blogophobia: How to Easily Create, Publish & Promote Your Business Blog.


Martha Spelman is a Los Angeles-based branding and marketing expert and the co-founder of Packbands silicone storage and organization straps. Martha is the author of The Cure for Blogophobia: How to Easily Create, Publish & Promote Your Business Blog. Click to connect on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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