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Blogophobia Recovery Step #5: Publishing Your Content

Once you’ve written and published your content, think about how to increase it’s useability – how to get some “marketing mileage” out of it. Content can be publishing on your blog, in a guest blog, on a curation site or other social media platform.

Computer cursor hand pushing Send button to indicate content marketing publishing(This is Part 9 in a series on understanding – and curing – “Blogophobia: the Fear of Content Marketing” )

You’ve come up with ideas, you’ve written, photographed or videotaped your content; it’s optimized and ready to go.  At last, it’s time to show off – and publish!

 Where to publish your work:

  • On your website – as a blog or as fresh content on other site pages (like FAQ, News or Case Studies)
  • On a guest blog – follow blogs that your audience might subscribe to or that are influencers in your industry – then ask to guest blog.  This is an excellent way to find new viewers – and increase your followers.
  • On a curation site – like or Pearltrees or Themeefy  (Curation sites are a good way to “get your feet wet” if you’re considering starting your own blog or as a complement to your existing blog – they can increase your rankings and get your followers – but are not a substitute for also creating original content)
  • On Social Media Platforms like YouTubePinterest and Flickr

You’re not through yet!  Once you’ve written and published your content, think about how to increase it’s useability – how to get some “marketing mileage” out of it.

How to get more miles out of your content:

  • Make a video (2-3 minutes is optimum)
  • Expand a blog into article, an ebook, a whitepaper
  • Create a webinar, podcast, webcast or lead a teleseminar
  • Use your content as the basis for a speaking engagement

You can also apply the Recycle, Repurpose, Reuse concept to getting ideas for new content.  Take a look through your marketing archives (brochures, newsletters, collateral, ads, press releases, case studies).  Easier than starting from scratch, with some reworking and updating you may be able to recycle this material into new content.

Our next post will talk about Promoting the content you’ve created – making sure your work will be seen, circulated and commented upon – this is when you’ll be promoting your content.


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