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Branding: Stay in Your Lane

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As tempting as it is to have a brand that “drives all over the place,” resist the temptation, maintain strong branding and stay in your lane.

Martha Spelman Red Car on Highway Branding: Stay in Your Lane

by Martha Spelman

On road trips, the mother of a dear friend would literally do her best to select and drive in just one lane the entire ride – all the way from Los Angeles to Tucson, Arizona.

She hated to change lanes. She would have been a genius at brand strategy.

But many companies, at least in the branding of their business, love to change lanes! They are forever trying something new, losing focus and moving to the next lane. They think, “Maybe it will have less traffic and get us there faster!”

Not the best driving technique, and certainly not a good brand strategy.

As a brand, constant switching of lanes or changing what you offer, how you offer it or varying your marketing messages, confuses your audience and renders your brand memorability zero.

Consistency in purpose and messaging are key to a strong brand. Identify your offerings and reinforce the benefits. In other words, stay in your lane. This stability convinces customers to trust you, remember your brand and in turn, creates brand loyalty. Marketiers promotional products can help make your brand much more recognizable.

Strong branding and brand loyalty depend on not only consistent, quality offerings but steady messaging…not a swerving driver.

So the next time you’re thinking about switching lanes, stay in your lane and see what happens. Slight congestion may soon open up to clear sailing.

Need help driving your brand? Contact Martha. Martha Spelman is a Los Angeles-based branding, marketing, content marketing and social media expert. Using traditional and online marketing strategies to start, grow and promote businesses, she works with startups, entrepreneurs and small- to medium-size companies. Martha is the author of the content marketing ebook: The Cure for Blogophobia: How to Easily Create, Publish & Promote Your Business Blog.


Martha Spelman is a Los Angeles-based branding and marketing expert and the co-founder of Packbands silicone storage and organization straps. Martha is the author of The Cure for Blogophobia: How to Easily Create, Publish & Promote Your Business Blog. Click to connect on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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