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Campaigning…for Customers

Executing a marketing campaign across multiple channels using consistent visual and verbal messaging builds a strong brand.

by Martha Spelman 


It pays to remember there’s another kind of campaign…the marketing one your company executes to reinforce your brand, solicit new prospects and stay top-of-mind with existing customers. Branding best practices dictate that each campaign component resembles the others visually and in messaging.


To celebrate their 15th Anniversary in business, client Structural Focus rolled out a campaign that included a new website, a corresponding collateral brochure, an Open House for friends and clients who were mailed a custom-designed invitation.


The New Website was created using WordPress to facilitate updated design, functionality and responsiveness. The site is an impressive showcase for the Company’s Services and Projects and includes Blog, Awards and Careers pages.

Martha Spelman New Structural Focus WordPress Website


A Tri-fold #10 Brochure is simple to mail, easy to drop off, and convenient to hand out at a client meeting or speaking presentation. The copy and visuals align with the website content, providing a quick overview of Structural Focus’ offerings.

Martha Spelman Structural Focus Brochure


A Custom Invitation was designed, similar to a Moleskine notebook, but in an appeal to the event’s audience, the inside sheets were printed as graph paper instead of the usual lined paper. A spot-varnished 2-sided card completed the invitation.

Martha Spelman Structural Focus Open House Invitation


An Open House, featuring clever centerpieces reminiscent of their industry, marked Structural Focus’ 15th Anniversary and proved the ideal event to celebrate with clients and friends, unveil the new website and showcase large-scale photographs of selected projects.

Martha Spelman Structural Focus Open House Centerpiece


Martha Spelman Structural Focus Open House



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