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200 Business Blog Posts Later: What I’ve Learned

Here are more than 25 tips and takeaways I’ve learned by creating, publishing and promoting a business blog.

Martha Spelman Marketing Strategy Map

Tactics or Strategy: Which Marketing Approach?

When you think about how you’re marketing your business, are you utilizing marketing tactics or employing an overall marketing strategy?

Image of falling dominoes to illustrate serial blogging

Serial Blogging: It Could Happen to You

Blogging a series of posts makes sense: viewers will anticipate your next entry and you’ll have a ready-made road map to follow for each new post.

Infographic describing 30 ways to promote a blog post

30 Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts

Once you’ve written a new blog post, you want to get that “marketing mileage” out of it. Presented in an oh-so-fun Piktochart graphic, here are 30 ways to do just that! This one was created by Andreea Ayers at LaunchGrowJoy.