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Martha Spelman on Branding: Just Say No Thank You

Branding: Just Say “No, Thank You”

Turning down work can be good for branding: Saying “No” to projects that don’t fit a company’s positioning helps strengthen the brand.

Image of flying saucer to illustrate "Is Your USP a UFO?"

Is your USP a UFO?

Determining your business’ Unique Selling Proposition or USP, can strengthen and differentiate your brand while simplifying branding and marketing efforts.

Nice Niche!

Want to be considered the “go-to expert” in your field? Here’s how to create and promote your particular niche market.

Door to door salesman to illustrate selling before customer profiling

Customer Profiling: Find Out Who’s Buying What You’re Selling

Customer profiling, undertaken before you market, will improve all of your sales and promotion efforts – you’ll save time and money and your efforts will be more effective.