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Photo of slice of cherry pie with scoop of ice cream on top

Food For Thought: What’s Your Marketing Recipe?

Your marketing materials should give your audience the flavor of what your business provides.  How your business fills a need.  You want to create a desire, because of the potential outcome, to work with your company.

Infographic showing (More than) 52 marketing ideas

(More than) 52 Marketing Ideas: Infographic

(More than) 52 Marketing Ideas (Infographic). All business owners know that to stay in business, marketing is “Job #1.” Here are lots of marketing ideas to kick start your marketing in the new year and keep you inspired all year long.

Optical Illusion to illustrate marketing insanity

What is the Definition of (Marketing) Insanity?

Many businesses have marketed themselves in the same way for years. They still place print ads, recycle old brochures or count on word-of-mouth referrals. And when business doesn’t improve (or worse, gets worse), what do they do? They just do more of the same. And expect different results.

Strand of DNA to accompany "Business DNA" blog

Your Business DNA: Why are you good at what you do?

If a company or individual inherently possesses the business DNA to expertly promote their product or service, people almost can’t help but be interested, excited, enthusiastic. They listen — and they buy. They almost can’t help but buy…they feel they are making the right choice.