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A businessman pointing to the entrance of a maze

Let Your Customer Be Your Guide

Instead of you trying to define your brand, it can be far more revealing to instead, let your client be your guide.

Melting Ice Cubes on blue ground

Is Your Marketing on Ice?

Every business owner understands the importance of marketing. If you’re not marketing your business, you’re starving your business. No word going out, no sustenance coming in. A business’ long-term survival depends on consistent, quality marketing.

Marketing Idea lightbulb in crosshairs

Marketing Tips Tuesday! Positioning – See and Be Seen

Positioning, in reference to marketing, means placing yourself in the crosshairs of potential clients.

Illustration of Q & A Speech Bubbles

The “What?” of Content Marketing

Well-written, frequently updated copy, is loved by customers and search engines alike. A stale, static, out-of-date website is no longer acceptable; it’s fresh content that’ll get you noticed. A good content marketing strategy will include a plan to consistently create, publish, promote and measure effective content.