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Image of thumbs up to illustrate how to build a client relationship by becoming known, liked and trusted

Want People to Give You the Business? How to Build a Client Relationship

When someone feels they know you and trust you; most likely, they like you. This affinity allows them to feel comfortable and confident working with you.

Infographic showing marketing mix of online and in-person activities

Are You Making the Right Marketing Connections?

Maximizing your marketing time and money is more important than ever. The right balance of: In-person + In-print + Internet = Income! More than ever, marketing requires a strategy that allows marketing dollars – and time – to be spent most effectively. The goal is to find the right mix of activities that fits the budget, and time availability, of the business owner or representative; in other words, “Getting the most bang for your buck.”

Christmas in July

Getting in touch with existing clients or potential buyers on a regular basis – with relevant, engaging content – works.

Marketing Tips Tuesday! Built by Association – Make Your Marketing Content Count

Building trust in you and your company’s products and services depends on the quality of marketing content you create and share.