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Business blog on typewriter

Why I Publish a Business Blog: Content Marketing in Action!

Publishing a business blog allows the creator to demonstrate his or her expertise, stay top of mind with customers, accelerate business relationships and get work.

Image: Hourglass with written words in background to illustrate wasting time business blogging

Don’t Waste Your Time on a Business Blog: 30 + Tips to Do it Right!

Content marketing is a great way to connect with existing and prospective clients and to get your business found via online searches. But if you’re going to do it right, there are a number of things you don’t want to do wrong.

Image: Woman's mouth in picture frame

I See What You’re Saying

Use visuals in your content marketing that are thought-provoking, “eye-catching,” and entertaining. Get creative when you select the visual – choose an image that is out-of-the-ordinary…maybe even something you’ve photographed, drawn or videotaped yourself/

Optical Illusion to illustrate marketing insanity

What is the Definition of (Marketing) Insanity?

Many businesses have marketed themselves in the same way for years. They still place print ads, recycle old brochures or count on word-of-mouth referrals. And when business doesn’t improve (or worse, gets worse), what do they do? They just do more of the same. And expect different results.