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Martha Spelman When in Doubt Ask More Questions

When in Doubt

Category: Business Strategy

Used to doing it all themselves, entrepreneurs are often reticent to ask others for advice. A better business strategy could be to ASK.

Martha Spelman Hand Reaching for Stars to illustrate Better Business and Setting Goals for 2016 New Year

Are You Ready for a Better Business in 2016?

Category: Business Strategy

A better business looks different to every business owner but it starts with setting goals and having a plan to achieve those goals.

Martha Spelman Sell Your Business illustrated with Baton Passing

Are You In the Market to Sell Your Business?

If you want to sell your business, you need to consider the branding, marketing, staffing, processes, compliance, legal and accounting issues relevant to that business.

Image of man with thought bubble thinking "I Wish Business Were Better"

I Wish Business Were Better

A successful business strategy includes defining what “Better Business” means to your company, identifying ways to improve business and marketing execution.