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Martha Spelman Thermometer New Normal

What’s Your New Normal?

Category: Business Strategy

A successful business strategy relies on how you accept, embrace and adapt to your New Normal.

Man on Limb to illustrate Risky Business

Risky Business: Strategy for Success

Category: Business Strategy

Taking the risk to innovate, change, rebrand or reinvent could be a successful business strategy that really pays off.

Martha Spelman. Fingers crossed: make no assumptions about your business

Assume Nothing.

Assuming that you know what customers want can lead to business failure. A customer survey and measuring what works (or doesn’t) leads to business success.

Image: one bright light bulb among others

Mind Your Own Business: 17 Tips for Entrepreneurs

From start-ups to established enterprises, the entrepreneurs that run them believe in the core idea, are risk-takers and understand hard work.