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Martha Spelman Go-to Expert Nametag

20 Ways to Become the “Go-to Expert” in Your Field

Establishing oneself as a Go-to Expert or Thought Leader within an industry builds credibility and can lead to increased business.

Martha Spelman Why Free Offers Work

Content Marketing: Why Free Offers Work

Offering a free sample of some of your services via content marketing introduces your company to prospects and shows you really want to help…not just sell.

Content Marketing: Speak to Your Audience

Content Marketing: How 10 Companies Pitched the Same Story

Category: Content Marketing

One story told with 10 different headlines shows how a well-executed content marketing strategy targets a defined audience.

A pair of binoculars to illustrate the Content Marketing Strategy of Observational Content

What Do Comedy and Content Marketing Have in Common?

Category: Content Marketing

Implement a Content Marketing Strategy that includes Observational Content: talk about the everyday challenges you encounter in your business.