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Infographic showing (More than) 52 marketing ideas

(More than) 52 Marketing Ideas: Infographic

(More than) 52 Marketing Ideas (Infographic). All business owners know that to stay in business, marketing is “Job #1.” Here are lots of marketing ideas to kick start your marketing in the new year and keep you inspired all year long.

Businessman holding package of bacon in one hand and cash in the other

Bacon Shortage: Is Marketing to Blame?

I prefer to think that the increasing popularity of bacon has been the result of a proliferation of creative uses of bacon and the corresponding exposure in social media and various marketing channels.

Shimokochi Reeves graphic illustration of dots for Happy Spring email greeting

Picture Bliss! Marketing with Images

Content marketing is the use of “content” – words and visuals — to market your business. Content gets you found on the internet and noticed by potential clients. Email with relevant content is particularly effective. Consider these visuals created by packaging and identity design firm, Shimokochi/Reeves. Even before the advent of Pinterest, Mamoru Shimokochi and Anne Reeves were emailing illustrated messages to promote their business.

Illustration showing a series of Burma Shave signs on a highway

Highway Bloggery

Creating a series of ads, signs, articles or blogs, to promote your business, is an effective way to engage your audience and tell your story. Once captivated, viewers and readers want more.