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Stella and Dot Jewelry Delivery Package

Marketing Design: Hey! Nice Package

Coachella Music Festival and Stella and Dot Jewelry provide two examples of the importance of delivering a purchase in a well-designed package that contributes favorably to the customer experience.

sculptor carving stone with hammer and chisel

Blogophobia Recovery Step #3: Creating Your Marketing Content

People take different approaches to how they actually produce their content. For some, it is a structured process; for others it is more spontaneous. Ultimately, one chooses a method that allows creativity and productivity. It’s important to remember structure, searchability, shareability, readability and simplicity: one idea per post.

Good marketing idea lightbulb with exclamation point for Marketing Tips Tuesday

Marketing Tips Tuesday! Mixing Business with Pleasure: Writing a Great Headline

In content marketing, a grabber headline blends entertainment with education (and is seasoned with some targeted keywords).