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Martha Spelman. Customer Service

Your Customer Service: Deal Maker or Deal Breaker?

Businesses can differentiate themselves from their competition through superior customer service. Here are ways your company can excel at customer service.

Image: Building a Brand - Coachella 2013 Ticket Packaging

Coachella Ticket Packaging: The Ultimate Branding Experience

The Coachella ticket packaging is an example of branding done beautifully…and effectively. The ultimate branding component, beyond what the product looks like or sounds like, is how it makes the customer feel.

Image: Better Than Advertised Best Quality Stamp

Are You Better Than Advertised?

Promise the best product or service you can, and then deliver something extra.

A poster that says "Thank you for shopping here"

Marketing Tips Tuesday! The Magic Words

Whether a handwritten note, an email, a thoughtful gift or a phone call – it never hurts to say “thank you.” And sometimes that “thank you” contact could be the first step in new business.