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Shimokochi Reeves graphic illustration of dots for Happy Spring email greeting

Picture Bliss! Marketing with Images

Content marketing is the use of “content” – words and visuals — to market your business. Content gets you found on the internet and noticed by potential clients. Email with relevant content is particularly effective. Consider these visuals created by packaging and identity design firm, Shimokochi/Reeves. Even before the advent of Pinterest, Mamoru Shimokochi and Anne Reeves were emailing illustrated messages to promote their business.

The Illustrated Guide to Marketing, Advertising, PR & Branding

People often ask what the difference is between advertising, marketing, branding and public relations.  Of course, I can tell them in words (which I do on my site:, but in a recent search on Ads of the World, I came across this brilliant illustrated definition of each.  The graphic was created by Neutron LLC, a San Francisco-based […]

“Working Digitally…and Getting Skewed?” Guest Blog (

The ability to create images digitally has almost unimaginably altered the artistic process. In many ways, digital has been a boon to the commercial art business; in other ways, it has proven a curse. Artists that provide layered files increase their workload – and the possibilty that a new image, almost unrecognizable from the original, can be created.