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Business Bling: How to Build a Priceless Email List

The aim of marketing is staying top of mind with existing clients and prospects. If you’ve implemented a content marketing program then you’ve been blogging, writing articles or white papers, compiling case studies and informative how-tos. But creating content and posting it on your blog or website is only part of the plan, you need to distribute your content directly to existing clients and prospects…via email.

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Getting Read: Making Your Email Message Stand Out

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Now, between regular mail, billboards, flyers, posters, ads, email, shopping cart signs, tray liners, static clings, bus benches, banners, and the list goes on, studies have shown that we may be exposed to over 5,000 messages per day. Yikes!

Shimokochi Reeves graphic illustration of dots for Happy Spring email greeting

Picture Bliss! Marketing with Images

Content marketing is the use of “content” – words and visuals — to market your business. Content gets you found on the internet and noticed by potential clients. Email with relevant content is particularly effective. Consider these visuals created by packaging and identity design firm, Shimokochi/Reeves. Even before the advent of Pinterest, Mamoru Shimokochi and Anne Reeves were emailing illustrated messages to promote their business.

Marketing Tips Tuesday! Are You “Top of Mind?”

Marketing is constant; not by chance. A call here or there, an email once and awhile, a blog post whenever doesn’t cut it.