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Martha Spelman Entrepreneurs Lightbulb Idea

Attention Entrepreneurs: What’s the Best Part of a New Business?

Category: Entrepreneur

Some would guess it’s the fame, fortune or sense of accomplishment is the best part about starting a new business but some entrepreneurs would disagree.

Not an Entrepreneur Checklist

35 Signs You Might NOT Be an Entrepreneur

Category: Entrepreneur, Startup

Think you’re cut out to be an entrepreneur? Here are 35 (tongue-in-cheek) reasons you might NOT be one to take on the hard work, risk and sacrifice.

Lemonade Stand and Entrepreneurs: A Career Move

Making a Stand: How Selling Lemonade is a Career Move

Category: Entrepreneur, Marketing

Many entrepreneurs start young: for some, running a lemonade stand was an early career move that taught valuable business, branding and marketing lessons.

Image: one bright light bulb among others

Mind Your Own Business: 17 Tips for Entrepreneurs

From start-ups to established enterprises, the entrepreneurs that run them believe in the core idea, are risk-takers and understand hard work.