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Blogophobia Recovery Step #1: Making the Commitment to Content Marketing

In making the commitment to Content Marketing – and to blogging, it helps to first ask yourself some questions to help establish Your Goals, Your Content Guidelines and Your Budget.

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Say When! Time for an Attitude Adjustment

Saying when is the first step towards achieving your goal.

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Dawdler or Doer – What Kind of Businessperson are You?

Have you ever noticed that when you’re out for a casual walk or drive, or riding your bike – and you don’t have a particular destination in mind — you tend to meander a bit?  Maybe you make a wrong turn or two?  But with a goal in mind, you usually pursue the most direct route […]

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In any endeavor, you face two possible outcomes: success or failure.  Focusing on success and the confidence that instills is a far better attitude than trying to avoid failure.  “I think I can” will serve you better than “I can’t.” Try it. Could your business use some work? Martha Spelman provides strategic marketing, branding, media relations and […]