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Blogophobia Recovery Step #4: 14 Ways to Optimize Your Content

One of the primary reasons to engage in Content Marketing is for your business to be found on the internet – by prospects and existing customers. Your content marketing should address both issues: making you better known and less of an unknown. When creating any content for your site, it’s important to remember these SEO-helpful tips.

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Marketing Tips Tuesday! Mixing Business with Pleasure: Writing a Great Headline

In content marketing, a grabber headline blends entertainment with education (and is seasoned with some targeted keywords).

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Blogophobia Recovery Step #1: Making the Commitment to Content Marketing

In making the commitment to Content Marketing – and to blogging, it helps to first ask yourself some questions to help establish Your Goals, Your Content Guidelines and Your Budget.

Jonathan Goldhill Interview with Martha Spelman

Branding and Marketing – What Works? An Interview with Business Growth Coach Jonathan Goldhill

Most brands have a “deep specialty” – a very narrow repertoire of product or services. Having this focus allows the company to become known as an expert in the field: the “go to” business for a particular need. In contrast, Jonathan Goldhill terms himself “a marketing generalist” but stresses that he has a “deep niche.” When working on his brand, he wanted to target small businesses with five to fifty employees, in need of marketing services but relatively underserved by existing coaches. His niche? Landscapers.