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Content Marketing Cocktail mix of subjects and formats

Recipe for Your Content Marketing Cocktail

A successful content marketing strategy is a well-balanced mix of different content subjects and formats that will appeal to your audience.

Michaelangelo's fingers touching to illustrate staying in touch with customers

Marketing Strategy: Reach Out

Category: Marketing Strategy

Keeping existing customers is far less expensive that getting new customers. Here’s how to employ a marketing strategy that keeps you top of mind.

Streaking lights in Busy city

Marketing Strategy: When Busy is Bad

Category: Marketing Strategy

Telling those who ask that you’re very busy is a bad marketing strategy and may backfire, leaving them thinking that you’re too busy to take on new work.

Martha Spelman Head with PostIt Notes to illustration Guess-timonials and positioning

What Comes Before Testimonials? Guess-timonials!

Are you meeting customer wants and needs? A good way to find out if your business is correctly positioned is to start with “Guess-timonials.”