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Martha Spelman Los Angeles Marathon Finisher Medal

Sometimes, It’s Good to Fall Down

Life and work lessons can be learned by tackling difficult challenges. But what falling down did teach me is that I can get up. I can overcome some pain and fear to go further. If I’d called for help when I stumbled, I might have doubted myself the next outing.

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Blogophobia Recovery Step #3: Creating Your Marketing Content

People take different approaches to how they actually produce their content. For some, it is a structured process; for others it is more spontaneous. Ultimately, one chooses a method that allows creativity and productivity. It’s important to remember structure, searchability, shareability, readability and simplicity: one idea per post.

Image of Martha Spelman LinkedIn profile showing "Skills" page

LinkedIn: You’ve Got Skills!

Adding “Skills” to your LinkedIn profile – keywords that describe job titles, expertise, specialties and credentials — will help users find you.

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What do Groucho Marx and Google have in Common?

Yes, potential clients Googling you are, in some ways, shopping and doing research. You may be contacted by a few folks you’d rather not work with. But on the other hand, being found you on the internet could turn out to be quite profitable – it’s a club whose membership you probably shouldn’t ignore.