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Content Marketing: Make It All About You – and Your Customers

Through content marketing, your website visitors and social media followers get more in-depth information about your business: your expertise, what types of projects you handle – and most importantly, about your approach. Visitors should get an idea if they could work with you; if you’re the person, or the business “for the job.”

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Do Clients Know You Exist?

Unless your work is in the visual arts, design or architecture, it probably doesn’t necessarily “speak for itself.” You might need to talk about it…through your branding, marketing, advertising and social content.

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What do Groucho Marx and Google have in Common?

Yes, potential clients Googling you are, in some ways, shopping and doing research. You may be contacted by a few folks you’d rather not work with. But on the other hand, being found you on the internet could turn out to be quite profitable – it’s a club whose membership you probably shouldn’t ignore.

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Search Me! 15 Ways to Google-ize your Website

The best way to increase your company’s Google ranking – often a key to a potential client finding your business — is by stocking your website with fresh content. In addition to the usual “Home” or “About Us” pages, here are 15 ideas for content-rich pages and links whose presence on your site will help push you to the top. By keeping your content relevant, engaging, and new, your site becomes a “Go To” destination for information about you, your company and industry.