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Arm Lifting Weights: The Power of Branding

The Power of Branding

A strong brand results from a clear definition of the strengths particular to you or your company and the audience that will benefit from working with you.

Blank Profile Head Shot

Face It: Your Headshot Could Be a Dealbreaker

Your headshot tells the visual part of your branding story — here are tips about how to put your best face forward.

Why You’re Worth It

You get hired because of the value you bring – your experience and expertise. But also because you are marketing yourself and communicating your value.

Keyboard with post-it note that says "Congrats! You got the job

Would You Hire You?

Your marketing materials, including your company website, LinkedIn profile, collateral materials, content marketing (blogs, emailing, social media and newsletters), testimonials or speaking presentations should give viewers or recipients a good idea of what you’re like and the benefits of working with you.