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Image: Skydiver illustrating Building Client Trust

Are You Asking Clients to Take a Leap of Faith? How to Build Client Trust

Category: Branding, Positioning

Essential to acquiring new business is building client trust, letting potential clients know you understand their wants and needs and demonstrating the benefits of working with you.

Image: Peter Drucker, renowned management consultant and educator

The Brand Experience: Feeling is Believing

Category: Branding, Positioning

A brand is the combination of experiences — visual, verbal and emotional — that produces a feeling about that brand.

Marketing Tips Tuesday! Website Design and Content: That Website is Talking to ME!

It’s important that the design and content of your website target your specific audience.

Marketing Idea lightbulb in crosshairs

Marketing Tips Tuesday! Positioning – See and Be Seen

Positioning, in reference to marketing, means placing yourself in the crosshairs of potential clients.