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It’s all in a name, or: the first (mis) step in branding

Johnny Cash’s song, “A Boy Named Sue,” is predicated on the idea that naming a boy Sue would force him to be strong and overcome adversity.  Many companies seem to take a similarly skewed view when it comes to naming their companies, products or services.  Google works and so does Orbitz, but some of this […]

Hitting Your Target…

Lately, I’ve been following a series on PBS’ Masterpiece Theater called Downton Abbey.  Set in England around 1912, the show follows various characters living at Downton Abbey, gentry and servants alike, as they deal with the changes being wrought by post-Victorian times.  The earl contemplates succession, his daughters explore women’s rights and risqué fashion and a female servant is […]

Tip du Jour: What advice would you give your competition?

Take a look at your competitor’s product, their service, their marketing…their brand.  Is their message clear, concise and powerful?  Are their materials well-designed and consistent across all media?  Do they have a strong website, a Facebook fanpage, an informative LinkedIn profile?  Does your competition belong to industry organizations, sponsor highly visible events or attend networking opportunities?   Do you like their ads, their […]