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If You Build It They Will Come if You Market Building Blocks

If You Build It, Will They Come?

Category: Marketing, Promotion

Just building your business, or coming up with a new business idea, is not enough. Here’s how branding and marketing can ensure your customer will find you.

Man holding megaphone to announce promoting content marketing

Are You Blogophobic? Step # 6: Promoting Your Marketing Content

After creating and publishing your marketing content, it’s important to promote it on all of your social media channels and in print.

“Hello, my name is…” Nametags and Networking

The name tag, identifying conference-goers and networkers everywhere, can be worn as a badge of honor…or a plain-wrap label. One is memorable; the other usually forgettable. Frequently, your name tag is the viewer’s first introduction to your brand. At any gathering, most likely, the first thing people check out is your face…and then your nametag. For visual […]

Tip du Jour: Promote a Milestone

Celebrating your 10-year anniversary in business?  Moving to a new location?  Just received an award?  Wrapped up a big project?  What may be old hat to you, is news to others.  Letting existing and potential clients – and the public – know what’s going on with you, your employees and your business may be just […]