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Image: Sizzling Steak on the grill

Steak or Sizzle – What Are You Selling?

Category: Marketing, Sales

When you’re selling the sizzle, you’re telling potential customers about the value, benefits and results they’ll gain by working with your business.

Handlettered Want Need

From “Want” to “Need” — Is Your Marketing Converting?

In your own business, it is imperative to create first a want for your product or service and then convert that want into a need. Your marketing strategy — your message and delivery — should point out the benefits your product or service will bestow. Or: how will becoming your customer benefit your customer?

Strand of DNA to accompany "Business DNA" blog

Your Business DNA: Why are you good at what you do?

If a company or individual inherently possesses the business DNA to expertly promote their product or service, people almost can’t help but be interested, excited, enthusiastic. They listen — and they buy. They almost can’t help but buy…they feel they are making the right choice.