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Google Alerts: One Key to the Content Kingdom

The process of setting up Google Alerts can give you valuable insight into popular online content – what people are reading, watching and talking about. If you’re wondering what marketing content you should create to submit to customers, get noticed online and achieve better SEO, this process can help!

Infographic showing marketing mix of online and in-person activities

Are You Making the Right Marketing Connections?

Maximizing your marketing time and money is more important than ever. The right balance of: In-person + In-print + Internet = Income! More than ever, marketing requires a strategy that allows marketing dollars – and time – to be spent most effectively. The goal is to find the right mix of activities that fits the budget, and time availability, of the business owner or representative; in other words, “Getting the most bang for your buck.”

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Blogophobia Recovery Step #4: 14 Ways to Optimize Your Content

One of the primary reasons to engage in Content Marketing is for your business to be found on the internet – by prospects and existing customers. Your content marketing should address both issues: making you better known and less of an unknown. When creating any content for your site, it’s important to remember these SEO-helpful tips.

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Marketing Tips Tuesday! Mixing Business with Pleasure: Writing a Great Headline

In content marketing, a grabber headline blends entertainment with education (and is seasoned with some targeted keywords).