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image: LinkedIn logo with endorsements lettering

LinkedIn Endorsements: Love ’em or Hate ’em?

Category: LinkedIn, Social Media

Endorsements are factored into LinkedIn searches, which is also a plus.

Optical Illusion to illustrate marketing insanity

What is the Definition of (Marketing) Insanity?

Many businesses have marketed themselves in the same way for years. They still place print ads, recycle old brochures or count on word-of-mouth referrals. And when business doesn’t improve (or worse, gets worse), what do they do? They just do more of the same. And expect different results.

Businessman holding package of bacon in one hand and cash in the other

Bacon Shortage: Is Marketing to Blame?

I prefer to think that the increasing popularity of bacon has been the result of a proliferation of creative uses of bacon and the corresponding exposure in social media and various marketing channels.

Infographic showing marketing mix of online and in-person activities

Are You Making the Right Marketing Connections?

Maximizing your marketing time and money is more important than ever. The right balance of: In-person + In-print + Internet = Income! More than ever, marketing requires a strategy that allows marketing dollars – and time – to be spent most effectively. The goal is to find the right mix of activities that fits the budget, and time availability, of the business owner or representative; in other words, “Getting the most bang for your buck.”