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Are You Blogophobic? Part #9: What’s the Number One Reason for Content Marketing?

Here’s the story that proves why the #1 Reason to Engage in Content Marketing will transform you from Blogophopic to Blogoholic!

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Are You Blogophobic? Step # 6: Promoting Your Marketing Content

After creating and publishing your marketing content, it’s important to promote it on all of your social media channels and in print.

Cranes Building Trust for Martha Spelman blog

Personality Plus! Building Trust– and Your Business–Using Content Marketing

Content marketing conveys the personality of your business. Through the content you create, customers find out how you approach and operate your business, how you solve problems, if you are an expert in your field and ultimately, if they can trust you. People want to work with companies – and people -they can trust.

Image of Zooming Type by Martha Spelman

Content Marketing: Make It All About You – and Your Customers

Through content marketing, your website visitors and social media followers get more in-depth information about your business: your expertise, what types of projects you handle – and most importantly, about your approach. Visitors should get an idea if they could work with you; if you’re the person, or the business “for the job.”