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Martha Spelman New Structural Focus WordPress Website

Campaigning…for Customers

Executing a marketing campaign across multiple channels using consistent visual and verbal messaging builds a strong brand.

Martha Spelman. Insignia Environmental New Website Design

A New Website Design for Insignia Environmental

Category: Website Design

Insignia Environmental’s new responsive website design creatively spotlights Insignia’s services and staff and provides a vehicle to recruit new hires.

Image: Buildings reflected in another building to illustrate a website reflecting customers wants and needs. Photo by: Martha Spelman.

Does Your Website Content Reflect Your Audience?

The content of your website needs to reflect your audience – the brand persona you’ve identified as your ideal client and the wants and needs that client may have.

Image: Hand pulling aside red curtain to reveal new Martha Spelman redesigned website

Drumroll, please…

It was time to practice what I preach – the importance of an up-to-date website that reinforces the brand, speaks to the clientele, highlights experience, expertise and services, and provides content that search engines find irresistible.