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Optical Illusion to illustrate marketing insanity

What is the Definition of (Marketing) Insanity?

Many businesses have marketed themselves in the same way for years. They still place print ads, recycle old brochures or count on word-of-mouth referrals. And when business doesn’t improve (or worse, gets worse), what do they do? They just do more of the same. And expect different results.

Marketing Tips Tuesday! Website Design and Content: That Website is Talking to ME!

It’s important that the design and content of your website target your specific audience.

Google logo with Eyes

Search Me! 15 Ways to Google-ize your Website

The best way to increase your company’s Google ranking – often a key to a potential client finding your business — is by stocking your website with fresh content. In addition to the usual “Home” or “About Us” pages, here are 15 ideas for content-rich pages and links whose presence on your site will help push you to the top. By keeping your content relevant, engaging, and new, your site becomes a “Go To” destination for information about you, your company and industry.

Heart on computer monitor screen - Love at First Site

Your Online Marketing: Is it Love at First “Site?”

200 million websites is a lot of fish in the internet sea. This means that first-time visitors to your website need to find it appealing enough to stick around and get to know you better. As one of your businesses’ major branding components, your website needs to represent — in a visual, verbal and emotional […]