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Yellow pencil with eraser shavings to illustrate editing

Beyond Spell-check: Editing for Results

True editing is a process by which one makes a piece better – much better: more focused, more compelling; a piece with impact. A well-edited piece will engage, educate and entertain your reader.

Marketing Tips Tuesday! Built by Association – Make Your Marketing Content Count

Building trust in you and your company’s products and services depends on the quality of marketing content you create and share.

sculptor carving stone with hammer and chisel

Blogophobia Recovery Step #3: Creating Your Marketing Content

People take different approaches to how they actually produce their content. For some, it is a structured process; for others it is more spontaneous. Ultimately, one chooses a method that allows creativity and productivity. It’s important to remember structure, searchability, shareability, readability and simplicity: one idea per post.

Good marketing idea lightbulb with exclamation point for Marketing Tips Tuesday

Marketing Tips Tuesday! Mixing Business with Pleasure: Writing a Great Headline

In content marketing, a grabber headline blends entertainment with education (and is seasoned with some targeted keywords).