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My branding and marketing experience has taken me, figuratively, everywhere. I've consulted to agencies, design firms, corporations and publishers across the United States and around the world. I've learned about companies from every angle -- from the financial and operational sides to advertising and marketing to production. I've run a marketing business that serves advertisers and marketers, started and sold a stock imagery business and have handled thousands of projects for hundreds of companies. I bring that expertise to my consulting practice. My perspective is that of a small business owner who understands what it means to start, brand, market and manage your own successful business.

Featured Projects

Kumagai Law Group

Services: Website, Content Creation

In business, a website is as common and necessary as a phone number. What’s not common? The design and simplicity of this website. Kumagai Law Firm specializes in bankruptcy creditor litigation. Principal Duane Kumagai is also an architecture aficionado. The website represents both in a manner that is conservative enough to appeal to clients with a serious matter at hand but with a design sophistication, superior functionality and ease of navigation that make it stand well apart from the competition. Take a tour of the site at:

Fallingwater Consulting

Services: Branding, Marketing, Corporate Collateral

Fallingwater Consulting Group advises US companies on how to expand their business overseas. The process of creating a website ( and a brochure began with an assessment phase to determine how to target the ideal client, what offerings to highlight and how, through visuals and messaging, to convey the global aspect of Fallingwater’s expertise. A consistent brand message is conveyed via the written content, strong design and arresting visuals.

Case Study: Newzful

Services: Branding, Positioning, Website Design

Newzful helps solve the problem of time-intensive content marketing. Subscribers to Newzful receive a weekly email packed with “Useful News” – facts, stats, data and news items that are “hand-picked” by researchers to target 14 industries or topics. The Newzful website incorporates type reminiscent of newspapers; the images represent the cross-section of topics Newzful covers. The site is graphically strong and its responsive design plays well on any device. The site solves two problems: convince the viewer of the importance of content marketing and the valuable solution Newzful provides. Visit:


Services: Branding, Corporate Identity, Logos

SportsWhere, a start-up online sports and activity directory needed a distinctive identity program that says fun, movement, technology and location. Applications needed to range from website to phone app to merchandise. Winner.

Newsletter Campaigns

Services: Branding, Website Design

Email marketing provides maximum results for businesses that want to stay “top of mind” with customers. Incorporating valuable, relevant information targeted to readers, visuals that grab attention and reinforce the message, mixed with other noteworthy offerings is a great way to build “go-to expert status” with readers and help to build trust and credibility for the business.


  • "I have had the great pleasure and added business success from working with Martha Spelman. Her highly-professional, creative marketing and public relations recommendations consistently enable us to exceed our objectives. Martha's unique, nimble mind makes her a valuable resource in many different situations. I look forward to continuing our ongoing relationship."

    Jon DeCesare

    World Class Logistics Consulting

  • "As a successful Creative Marketing Consultant, Martha Spelman provides a complete service which seamlessly combines branding, positioning and promotion from both a creative and business perspective. For it's a gem, a company which designs, develops and licenses Gem's Friends toys, books and products, Martha provided thoughtful insight through her services ranging from initial assessment to brand strategy and implementation. Martha is a highly respected professional within the marketing industry and I recommend her without exception."

    Gemma Lawson

    it's a gem

  • "I have used Martha Spelman as a marketing consultant for several years now. She is focused, industrious, and very knowledgeable about the field. She really helped us to strengthen our company message."

    Tracy Stone

    Tracy A. Stone, AIA

  • Martha is an experienced business professional that has demonstrated her skilled abilities over time and helped many business owners make more money. She writes with an elegant style and takes great ideas and implements them in a way that drives visibility and builds credibility for her clients. I highly recommend Martha !!

    Laura Bruno

    SBL Consulting

  • I had the pleasure of working with Martha to help me conceptualize my new consulting career and get my marketing effort off the ground. It was a great choice! Martha is knowledgeable, personable, and easy to work with. But more importanly, she gives you solid results. Her recommendations are on-point, clear, and executable. Martha will ask the tough querstions and get you focused clearly on selling yourself in a tough, competitive marketing environment. I really appreciate what she did for me and would highly recommend her to anyone else looking to market themselves -- regardless of the particular career field involved

    Mitch Dorger

    Dorger Consulting

  • Martha Spelman’s extensive experience and expertise in business and marketing has been put to good use at GBE since 2007. She has helped GBE promote and grow our business by providing an array of services including branding, public relations, web, blog and collateral content creation, crafting company presentations and proposals and facilitating employee workshops and company events. Martha’s work has helped increase GBE’s visibility with new and existing clients. Martha can be counted on to provide valuable business insight, innovation, and consistent follow-through.

    Caecilia Gotama

    Gotama Building Engineers

  • “Martha and I have worked together for over 25 years in the creative marketing arena. She has always been creative, inventive, and professional, possessing a wealth of knowledge that makes her a valuable asset for any client. She has a positive outlook when tackling even the toughest of projects and looks at each project with a fresh and creative outlook. I highly recommend Martha’s services and I am positive that she would be an asset to any client.”

    Barbara Hamagami

    Fox Broadcasting Corporation

  • "Martha has been a valuable resource for the Southern California Chapter of the Institute of Management Consultants. She gave the Chapter website a new look and feel and edits the Chapter’s monthly newsletter. She advises Cambridge Technology Consulting Group on the content of its collateral materials. Her personal blog posts are insightful, helpful and definitely worth subscribing too. I highly recommend Martha to businesses and individuals looking for practical, effective online or offline marketing assistance."

    Jerry Savin

    Cambridge Technology Group & Institute for Management Consultants

  • As President of SoCal Chapter of the Institute of Management Consultant I can attest that you will not find a more competent Marketing Consultant and to boot a pleasure to work with. Her people and time management skills are just one of her stong points. She is committed to providing value to her clients and subcribes to the high ethical standards of the Institute of Management Consultants.

    Nick Juarez

    Juarez & Associates & Institute of Management Consultants