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Marketing Tips Tuesday: Can You Be Trusted?

One of the most important concerns one has when considering working with a new company is trust: is this a business or individual I want to work with?

One of the most important concerns one has when considering working with a new company is trust: is this a business or individual I want to work with? 

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Trust builds through repeated contact — meetings, emails, phone calls — and ultimately by working together.  Eventually, you become a trusted advisor or the “go-to” company for your particular product or service.  But this process may takes weeks, even years.  Imagine shortening that timeline substantially and “speeding up” this trust.

You can accelerate trust in your company in several ways:

  • Ask your existing clientele to refer other potential clients to you
  • Get testimonials from previous customers and include them in emails, on your website and on your social media platforms like LinkedIn, Google + and Facebook
  • In your promotional materials, talk about how you conduct your business  — in particular, your approach and solutions to specific problems or situations
  • Become a thought leader and document your expert status – use content marketing like blogging, articles, whitepapers, ebooks and videos to highlight your extensive experience and expertise
  • Speak about your business or industry at chambers of commerce gatherings, association meetings, networking groups, conferences and seminars
  • Use networking opportunities to familiarize contacts, one-on-one, with your business
  • Present case studies documenting business successes you’ve had, on your website, from the standpoint of how your clients benefited from working with you
  • Name recognition and exposure often equals trust: distribute a press release and stay active in social media through status updates and being active in groups

Tooting Your Own Horn” is an important component to building trust – letting new customers know that you are the “go-to expert” in your field.

Trust me!  The sooner they trust you, the quicker they’ll want to work with you.


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