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Marketing Tips Tuesday! Positioning – See and Be Seen

Positioning, in reference to marketing, means placing yourself in the crosshairs of potential clients.

Marketing Idea lightbulb in crosshairsPositioning, in reference to marketing, means placing yourself in the crosshairs of potential clients.  

Be Seen: The first step is having a clear message: who you are, what you offer, your expertise, how you can help.  Prospects need to be easily able to understand your business and “label” you.

See: Secondly, you want to identify your ideal client or “brand persona” – who is it that will buy your product or services? Identifying your audience may take into account many factors, for example: if individuals – location, age, socioeconomic status, specific needs or interests; if a company – size, location, industry or specialty, budgets and particular needs.  The “sweet spot,” or best position for you or your business, is where your strengths align with your audience needs.

Don’t try to be all things to all people. Honing in on a strong brand message and a realistic view of your most likely audience will result in the most effective brand position.

Your marketing efforts should consistently target and support that positioning.

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