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Martha Spelman Get and Keep One Ideal Customer

How to Get and Keep Your Ideal Customer

Category: Customer Profiling

Using customer profiling to determine your ideal customer allows you to execute branding and marketing efforts for maximum efficiency.

12 Ideas for Your Summer Marketing Plan

12 Ideas for Your Summer Marketing Plan

Category: Marketing

Have some summer downtime? Spend it marketing: here are 12 business-boosting ideas.

Martha Spelman What Are You Waiting For? Marketing Your Business person waiting at a bus stop

Market Your Business: What Are You Waiting For?

Category: Branding, Marketing

Here are ways to market your business that can counteract the reason many companies don’t market: lack of time, money, personnel and know-how.

Why You Need to Get Out There

Instead of relying solely on online marketing or the sales department, every staff member should be encouraged to market in person.