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Why I Publish a Business Blog: Content Marketing in Action!

Publishing a business blog allows the creator to demonstrate his or her expertise, stay top of mind with customers, accelerate business relationships and get work.

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by Martha Spelman


People often ask me if my business blog works…and in what ways. A few recent encounters illustrate just how it does work…as a way to gain industry recognition and generate leads.


Not too long ago, I attended a networking group meeting. Some of the people in this group show up every month; others only sporadically. Here’s part of a conversation I had with one of the members: “Hi Martha! I know I haven’t seen you in awhile but I feel like I see you more often…I guess it’s because I get your blog!


Two months ago, the LA Chamber of Commerce invited me to present on Content Marketing for their annual Small Business Summit (an invitation I received because the Chamber’s Membership Manager and event planner gets my blog). She introduced me to a group of about 50 people as someone “who writes a great blog,” and, she added, “I really liked your recent post about ‘Sizzle’ and I passed it along to several companies that I think would be interested.


You can’t ask for better publicity.


At that same event, a business owner and blog subscriber approached me. His reaction? “I’d like to talk to you about a project.” Another attendee and blog follower set up a meeting for me to meet two potential collaborators.


A recently-completed re-branding project was the direct result of my emailed blog post. The client, having seen me at a morning event, called me later in the day. He said, “I didn’t think about it until I got your blog today — I’d like to hire you to help me create a new website.”


And a remark from a friend: “I’m not in business but I still read your blog.”


If a business blog were not part of my marketing strategy, most of the above conversations, comments and events would not have happened. Publishing a blog allows people to know you, understand what you offer and comprehend how you might work with them or be a resource to whom they could refer business. Showing up in someone’s inbox every week, with relevant, helpful information, really paves the way to recognition and converts to sales.


More effective than traditional “outbound” advertising, content marketing, especially a business blog or newsletter, is an “inbound” form of marketing that can generate a conversation about your business; it attracts interested parties. Content marketing allows the creator/publisher to demonstrate his or her company’s expertise, stay top-of-mind with past, existing and potential customers, accelerate business relationships and get work! 



If you’re considering publishing a business blog for your company and have questions, please get in touch or check out my book, The Cure for Blogophobia: How to Create, Publish and Promote Your Business Blog.


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