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Photo of the Stars Motel in Martha Spelman networking blog

Networking: Not a One-Night Stand

Successful networking requires a commitment – to joining multiple networking groups or organizations and attending their various events — regularly. Networking is about not only meeting new people but interacting with those people on a repeated basis .

When Branding Meets Networking: Like Playing Telephone

That’s where the branding part comes in: crafting a message that is clear, effective and easy to repeat. The aim is to have the person you tell a) understand your message, b) remember it, and c) be able to pass that message to someone down the line.

“Hello, my name is…” Nametags and Networking

The name tag, identifying conference-goers and networkers everywhere, can be worn as a badge of honor…or a plain-wrap label. One is memorable; the other usually forgettable. Frequently, your name tag is the viewer’s first introduction to your brand. At any gathering, most likely, the first thing people check out is your face…and then your nametag. For visual […]

Martha Spelman Magnet Law of Attraction Marketing

The Law of Marketing Attraction: How to Expand Your Business

Businesses that want to reinvent themselves by adding a new product or service should market using the Law of Marketing Attraction: What You Put Out There is What You Get In.