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New Year, New Gig: Packbands

Packbands Bundle Package

As 2018 launches, so does Packbands, a new company and new product that my son, Pete Evenson, and I have co-founded (and co-created).


Those who know me, follow me, have worked with me or read my content are probably aware that I’ve always liked having a few irons in the fire. Being an entrepreneur for years (having started, marketed and sold several companies), and branding and marketing many small businesses, there’s always a curiosity about what’s next.


Packbands is what’s next. Packbands are stretchy, adjustable straps used to manage cables and cords, contain rolled clothing for travel, attach items to a backpack, purse or stroller, secure fitness and outdoor equipment…we think the list (at least at this point), is endless. And we hope, through our sales and marketing efforts, Packbands will become indispensable for many!

Tangled extension cord side by side with cord managed with Packband


The process of coming up with an idea and then actually executing (the hard part), has been going on for about a year. It has been challenging, instructive and overall, extremely satisfying. From a personal standpoint, the fact that Packbands is a family business is the best part. If you’d like to read more about the concept to development to manufacturing process, please read the post: Packbands: From Idea to Reality. 


Our first shipment of Packbands (one packaged bundle includes three bands: 9″, 12″ and 15″) has just arrived. You can find out more about the product by visiting our website. Want to see how Packbands work? Please visit our Instagram and Facebook pages.


Think you’d like to try out Packbands? Sign up on our website and receive a discount offer via email.


Pete and I are excited about this new venture – we’d love to hear your feedback, ideas or questions. Have any connections you think we should speak with? Please be in touch!