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The Brand Experience: Feeling is Believing

Category: Branding, Positioning

A brand is the combination of experiences — visual, verbal and emotional — that produces a feeling about that brand.

Image: Peter Drucker, renowned management consultant and educator

Branding is not just a logo.

It’s not a slogan or a tagline.

It’s not the packaging or the signage or the ads or commercials.

It’s not the celebrity endorsement or the viral video.

It’s not the smell, taste, look, touch, fit or sound.

It’s not even the actual product or service.


A brand is all of these things…it’s the combination of brand experiences that produces a feeling about that brand. So, while your brand can benefit greatly when you hire a celebrity to your grand opening, you need to ensure that your marketing choices work alongside the image you have already formed of your brand.


Renowned management consultant and educator, Peter Drucker (pictured above), said, “People buy with their hearts, not their minds.”


People react to a brand because of how their particular brand experience made them feel: when they tried it on for size, when they saw an ad, interacted with customer service or got the package in the mail. Good, bad, happy, sad, powerful, moved, cool, uncool, smart, healthy, disappointed, safe, successful…the list of emotions goes on. Whatever feelings are evoked by the brand will determine if someone buys — the first time or the fifth time or never at all.


Think about how you feel when you hear or see these brands: Audi, Apple, FedEx, Ford or Walmart.


Your brand evokes feelings, too. Creating, positioning, building and strengthening a brand are all done with consideration of how the brand will be perceived and by whom…how it will make the brand’s ideal customer feel.


When people see your brand or hear about your company?


What do you want them to feel? Build your brand around that.


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